Crack! That’s the sound of the smack Of a drunken dad whacking His kid when he’s mad, almost cackling As the child runs and cries before he hits the sack. He worries about his sister as he hears a crash. He can hear the broken glass But can’t see the brain mass That hits the … Continue reading Tumult


Everything Was Better…

Everything was better when I was a little kid When I was a little kid… Everything was better when I was a little kid Woah woah Little Joe, Time to grow.   You ever remember the times When quarters, nickels, and dimes Even if they were begrimed Made you feel like you had climbed To … Continue reading Everything Was Better…


It’s sobering to know that friends won’t last long. What am I gonna do when we’ve left and they’re all gone? When we take our separate paths, who’s left to laugh along? To leave and graduate, Won’t wonder what saddened state Anyone’s in with all that youthful madness sated.   I don’t understand what wonderland … Continue reading Self-aware

Hello! Just a message

Hey all! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been extremely busy with some commitments and it has left me with little time to write. But don't fear! I'm working on a couple of projects at the moment that I'm close to finishing and posting. Sorry again and expect some work soon! Sincerely, JETV